Girl Scouts Taps Into American Girls’ Hopes and Dreams with New Campaign


No doubt Girl Scouts of the USA and other longtime organizations for kids have been hit hard by societal and cultural trends including the lure of other afterschool activities, a generational de-emphasis of some traditional community touchpoints, and a dwindling availability of stay-at-home parental volunteers.

Now the Girl Scouts are leveraging at least one of those same factors—social media—to attempt to turn the tables on a recent decline in new members and “troop” leaders with a new advertising campaign under the tag line, “I can’t wait to …”

Leading brand consultancy (and brandchannel parent) Interbrand re-imagined the brand’s iconic Girl Scout Trefoil symbol and used it as the visual starting point for the new campaign by transforming it into a dynamic “Kaleidoscope” storytelling device that serves as a metaphor for the ever-changing experiences girls can have in the Scouts, according to a press release.[more]

“The opportunity for new experiences is what makes girls want to join and what makes adults want to volunteer,” said Sarah Gormley, a Girl Scouts marketing executive, in the release. “We believe ‘I can’t wait to ….’ will drive real results.”

To help accomplish such results, Interbrand developed a campaign toolkit that includes a detailed overview of how Girl Scouts should implement the effort on a local basis and with cost-efficient delivery at the troop level through collateral pieces including web banners, hyperlinks, posters and even bracelets. To better reach the Hispanic community, the communications are bilingual also available in Spanish.

Social and digital media and grassroots neighborhood initiatives are the main venues for the campaign, instead of traditional media—aspects that have also been applied to the group’s well-know fundraising efforts. “We developed a better understanding of the ‘business'” with Interbrand’s help “and how to better reach and connect with both young girls and volunteers,” Girl Scouts executive Katherine Lambert in the release.

The organization is keen to stay relevant and in tune with the times, including redesigning the iconic cookie-fundraising boxes last year as the organization turned 100. The not-for-profit brand is counting on this new campaign to take Girl Scouts of the USA to the next level of participation and relevancy, including getting an all-important boost from a vital supporter: the honorary president of the Girl Scouts, First Lady Michelle Obama, as you can watch below.