Iberia Airlines Rebrands for a Better Future With New Logo and Livery


Iberia Airlines, which merged with British Airways in 2010, has kept its national pride intact as the airliner carries out a rebrand across its fleet and service. 

The airline worked with leading brand consultancy Interbrand on its new visual identity and brand experience, including a new livery design that makes greater use of Spain’s national colors, red and yellow. Its iconic crown remains on the tail, but moves to a smaller location on the fuselage.

Its new logo features a bold ‘Iberia’ typeface and a new symbol that’s reflective of the old ‘IB’ logo. The new look will officially debut through mid-November, but the extent of the rebrand goes far beyond a paint job.[more]

“It is not only a change of logotype—it is demonstrative of the much deeper change we are involved in throughout the company,” said Luis Gallego, Iberia’s CEO, in a press release. “It is about a fundamental change in our thinking which has an impact on products, processes attitudes and behaviors that reaches every corner of Iberia. It is about a change which will be recognized and valued at every moment our audiences interact with our brand.”

The relaunch, being promoted on social media with the hashtags #NewIberia and #NeuvalIberia, will involve a broad change in the quality of service offered as well as a redesigned Business and Economy class cabins and a more holistic, consistent and engaging brand experience for customers.

The shift comes at a good time for Iberia. The unit of International Airlines Group, which includes British Airways, has been restructuring to recover from some financial turbulence, although its financials appear to be improving after the airline trimmed staff and flight routes. In the second quarter of 2012, the airline lost $125.5 million, Skift reports, while this year’s second quarter earnings saw only a $47.6 million loss.

Watch the video below for more on the airline’s refreshed branding and new positioning.