eBay Takes Cue from Pinterest, Etsy to Enhance Shopping Experience


eBay is cleaning up its act and making the site a more personal space to shop with new features focused on curation of collections, and lending a more personal feel with user profiles and seller “storefronts.” 

Borrowing from Etsy and Pinterest, users can now create product boards attached to eBay listings to follow those with like-minded tastes.

“We’ve got 500 million active listings at any given time. It’s an amazing amount of inventory, but the fact is you’ve got to find the stuff you want,” Richelle Parham, eBay CMO, told Advertising Age. “What’s phenomenal about eBay is we make those moments of inspiration instantly shoppable.”

A campaign geared toward informing consumers about the new features through online videos features curators including blogger Joy Cho.[more]

For consumers looking for a more instant shopping gratification, eBay is expanding its eBay Now delivery service to 25 markets by the end of 2014, enabling products to be delivered from local stores within one hour of purchase, or ordered from and picked up at a nearby Best Buy, Toys “R” Us, Macy’s or Target. The company’s recent acquisition of Shutl, one of its biggest competitors in the space, has helped it roll out the delivery service to New York, San Francisco and Chicago, with Dallas coming soon. Mobile purchases for the brand, including ones made through eBay Now, are projected to hit $20 billion for 2013. 

Same-day delivery is top-of-mind for major internet retailers like Amazon, which just raised its minimum threshold for free shipping, and Google, with its Shopping Express service while brick-and-mortar operations like Walmart are experimenting with similar gambits. 

As for eBay, it hopes its refreshed look and more image-heavy presentation will enhance its roll in holiday shopping. “It makes the most sense to combine these messages and share how customers can also think about these features for gift giving,” Parham said.