YouTube Reportedly Preparing to Launch its Own Music Service


MTV launched in 1981 with The Buggles’ “Video Killed the Radio Star.” Now, ironically, 32 years later, video giant YouTube may be getting into the radio business.

According to a report from Billboard, the Google-owned site is working on an on-demand music service with both free and paid tiers that could join the increasingly crowded music streaming—which already includes services like Spotify, Pandora, iTunes Radio, Rdio and Twitter #Music—as soon as December.

The free version is said to offer “unlimited, on-demand access to a whole host of tracks on any device,” and the paid service will likely be ad-free and allow subscribers to store music on mobile devices. The Chicago Tribune notes that the video site is already the “most popular on-demand music offering in the world” and “has surpassed radio as the leading way teens and young adults listen to songs.”[more]

Indeed, YouTube is even hosting its first annual Music Awards on Nov. 3—which wouldn’t be a bad venue to announce it’s own streaming service. 

In another gambit to create revenue, YouTube is furthering its push of paid channels, which allow content creators to charge $.99 or more per month for access, Time reports. Any creator that has 10,000 subscribers or more can create a new channel and start charging.


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