Nestle Fitness Breast Cancer Campaign Tweets to Save the Tatas


If this is what Apple meant by “wearable tech,” then they might be on to something.

Nestlé Fitness is promoting breast cancer awareness with the latest in social undergarments: the Tweeting Bra. Yes, a bra that tweets reminders to your mobile phone to administer a breast self-examination. As digital and corporate citizenship campaigns go, you might call this one off the hook. It’s also putting the Geek in Greek, with some chic.[more]

The campaign launched in Greece as part of October’s global breast cancer awareness month, but has captured global attention thanks to a witty Twitter account and a little bra-bling, incorporating Twitter’s famed “Larry the bird” logo as an eye-catching, sparkling clasp.

The effort, executed on behalf of the brand by OgilvyOne Athens, includes a dedicated microsite with information on self-examinations, is part of an annual campaign promoting breast cancer awareness and prevention by Nestlé’s Greek division.

To bring even more attention to the marketing stunt, Greek TV personality Maria Bakodimou is wearing the Tweeting Bra for two weeks, with the bra posting a tweet everytime it is unclasped.

Controlled by a small, sparkly Bluetooth device (in the form of the aforementioned Twitter bird) attached to the clasp of the bra, it sends a signal to a cellphone which generates a ‘reminder’ tweet about performing an exam.

The campaign is given a humorous lift by its Twitter account, @TweetingBra, where one can read such bosom musings in Greek and English as:

Still Nestlé isn’t the first brand to turn intimate moments and undergarments into a social event.

In May, the Huggies brand teamed up with Ogilvy Brazil to create a concept device, the TweetPee, with an accompanying app that alerted parents via Tweet when their baby needed a diaper change. 

Still have some privacy to spare? In the US, Charmin is asking patrons of its portable toilets at NFL games to (ahem) #TweetFromTheSeat. Now all we need is a tweeting undergarment for men. Jockey, Fruit of the Loom, Hanes, Calvin Klein? Over to you.


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