IKEA Turns Consumers Into Sustainable Resellers in Norwegian Campaign


It seems only right that the company responsible for everyone’s love/hate relationship with assembly-required furniture is now helping customers resell their goods. 

IKEA created a campaign alongside SMFB, Oslo that asked Norwegian customers to submit requests for their lightly-used furniture to be resold. After choosing 50 pieces, the retailer advertised them in broadcast, print and outdoor ads, complete with the seller’s phone number so prospective buyers could get in touch. Dubbed the “Second Hand Campaign,” the effort fits nicely within IKEA’s sustainability efforts.

IKEA’s Norwegian Facebook page showcased the second-hand pieces in a virtual flea market on Sundays for over two months until all the pieces sold.[more]

Not its first foray into the online flea market, the Swedish furniture giant began selling second-hand IKEA products online in Sweden in 2010. “It is about taking an environmental responsibility for how our products are used in the longer term and making it easier for our customers to do their part for their responsibility towards the environment,”  Peter Agnefäll, CEO of IKEA Swede, said at the time, according to TIME

Known for its sustainable ethos, IKEA is perfecting an end-to-end system where sustainability, in this case reselling furniture, is encouraged in a socially clever and useful way. IKEA is also known as the mother-ship of cheap home furnishings and as the adage has it, the brand is socially engaging consumers as environmental stewards one piece of furniture at a time. 

A previous IKEA campaign from SMFB promoted the move of one of its stores in Norway by engaging local volunteers to help with the new store opening. The campaign had a huge response and even recruited a hip-hop star who performed a concert for the opening.

Click over to Creativity-Online to watch a making-of video.


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