Coke Puts Its Best Foot Forward in World Cup Promotion


The kickoff of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil won’t take place until June 12, but Coca-Cola is already in the spirit of the beautiful game thanks to its “Under the Crown” campaign, which follows the globetrotting World Cup trophy. 

The brand brought former Manchester United player Dwight Yorke and singer David Correy (who is the voice of Coke’s World Cup anthem, “The World is Ours) to Haiti on the Cup’s latest tour stop. It will continue on to Kathmandu, Nepal on Dec. 2, when Coke will offer three fans the chance to fly to Nepal on the official FIFA World Cup Trophy Tour plane.  

Another World Cup sponsor, Adidas, is busy doing its own promo tour for its new Samba soccer cleats, designed to reflect the colors and culture of Brazil’s Carnivale. The brand has already got a laundry list of top soccer players sporting the new cleats, including Leo Messi in a new ad for the line.[more]

Coke is also using its “Share a Coke” campaign to leverage its connection to the soccer world. Not only does the brand have a tie-in with FIFA but also with FC Barcelona, one of the world’s most celebrated teams. Before this past weekend’s game, players on the team as well as all the other team’s in the Spanish league’s first and second division all received bottles of Coke with their names on them instead of the standard logo, reports. Fans were encouraged to purchase Cokes with their sporting heroes names on them.

But don’t think the brand is all about soccer all the time. Coke will debut its first holiday ad in the UK this weekend, with the star of year’s past—the Coke truck—returning to town to remind Brits that the #holidaysarecoming. It will also air another holiday-themed ad across the UK, “Shooting Star,” which highlights good deeds done during the holiday season. Coke fans should also keep their eyes peeled for “Share a Coke with Santa” bottles—surely an added boost to the usual cookies and milk left for jolly old St. Nick.