Starbucks Tests Commuter-Friendly Cafe on Swiss Train


While Starbucks is busy expanding its brand—and its offerings—across the globe, the coffee behemoth has popped up in an unlikely place. 

In partnership with Switzerland’s national rail line, the brand opened its first Starbucks cafe on a train this week. Complete with Starbucks motif inside and out, the moving cafe serves up typical Starbucks fare from authentic baristas. 

The car, which will take its first voyage from Geneva Airport to St. Gallen in Switzerland on Nov. 21, is one of the smallest Starbucks cafes the brand has ever built.[more]

The two-story car has seating for 50 that includes a stand-up bar as well as a lounge complete with movable club chairs. Patrons can even order from their tables with the help of Swiss-inspired watch dials. 

But don’t expect that kind of service on your next trip to Penn Station. “This is something we are testing, and then can see how we can bring more broadly,” Starbucks spokeswoman Haley Drage told USA Today



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