All the News You Can Drink: Newcastle DDs, Whiskey Search Engine, Efes’ New Look and more


Newcastle Drives Drinkers Home

Newcastle introduced a new brew, Newcastle Cabbie Black Ale, and it wants consumers to enjoy it without worrying about how they’ll make it home. So Newcastle offered a handful of imbibers a ride in a traditional English taxi at no charge, but there was of course a catch. Riders had to tell everyone what they felt about the new beer via a massive megaphone strapped onto the top of the cab. 

Even though that hilarious chapter has closed (after 67 noise complaints), Newcastle is extending the program by offering $5 taxi discounts to people in 60 cities if they book their ride home through the Taxi Magic app, Drinks Business Review reports. More than a million dollars has been set aside to fund the effort through the holidays.[more]

“We’re not exactly pioneers in declaring drinking and driving to be utter bollocks, but we’re proud of the fact that we’re putting our money where our mouth is and offering people a tangible incentive to enjoy our product safely,” Brett Steen, brand manager at Newcastle Brown Ale, told Adweek.

Your Personal Whiskey Algorithm

There are a lot of whiskey brands, and it can be a bit confusing to choose which one to pay top-dollar for. Technology, of course, is ready to help.

Distiller, a free web tool designed to help consumers pick the best whiskey for them, has just moved out of beta, according to Business Insider. The tool walks visitors through how experienced they are with whiskey, what they are buying it for, where they plan to drink it, and how much they want to spend, among other things. 

With that information, Distiller makes a recommendation and provides additional information about that particular whiskey. This is one bit of technology that George Jetson wasn’t ever shown using.

Turkey’s Efes Gets a New Look

Efes has long been the leader of the pack when it comes to brewskis in Turkey. It’s been winning awards since the early 1970s and is served up in more than 80 countries.

Next time an Efes drinker calls out its name at the bar, though, they could be in for a surprise. The bottle has taken on a new look, thanks in part to brand consultancy Interbrand. The hope was to give the beer a more “contemporary, dynamic and authentic” look while also differentiating it from such sub-brands as Efes Pilsen and Efes Light, Design Week reports. The brew now has a new logo, typography, and shape.

“The new brand experience captures our spirit of union and it will continue to be part of many stories to come,” Görkem Özer, marketing director of Efes Turkey, said, according to Design Week.

We’ll drink to that.

More Booze News

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