Nissan Apologizes After TV Ad Broadcast Goes Rogue


If you watched football this weekend, you’ll never forget it. No, not the miracle comeback of the Indianapolis Colts nor the implosion of Alabama. We’re talking about the Nissan Rogue ad—you know which one. The one where the Nissan drives on the train. Yes, that one. And if you saw it—and you know you did—social media evidence suggests you came to despise it with a depth generally reserved for the Roll Tide-War Eagle rivalry. In fact, things got so bad that Nissan was forced to apologize.


Nissan debuted the ad in blunderbuss fashion, covering everything from I Heart Radio to the New Year’s Eve TV special to, as every football fan knows, all of the college and NFL games this past week and weekend.

Oddly enough, the Nissan Rogue ad itself is not that grating. To the background of hip music, a trio of millennial commuters jumps a Rogue onto a commuter train as a shortcut to work; “Commute Your Way” is the tagline. It’s no surprise the spot was directed by the man behind the The Italian Job reboot. The ad shows the Rogue beating both bicyclists and train transit commuters to work, as recent data show both modes of commuting are gaining in popularity in cities across America even as driving to work decreases. Good grief, even Texas cities are seeing more biking and mass transit riding and less driving.

But the Rogue ad was broadcast so incessantly, so frequently across shows and games, that it created a social media backlash.

Things got so bad in fact that by Sunday, after the spot had aired countless times, Nissan responded on Twitter to tell disgruntled game fans “Our bad!” and that the brand was working to decrease the ad broadcast rate.

Meanwhile, there was a social media ad winner from the weekend.

And in case you missed that Old Spice “Smellcome to Manhood” ad: