Drive-Through? Ford Sync and Domino’s Pizza Say Keep Driving Instead


Domino’s likes to make good pizza, but the brand long has made even more hay with the logistics of getting the pizza to its customers. Likewise, Ford has made some mean cars, especially lately, but the company continues to tout its leadership in the infotainment realm too.

So it only makes sense that the two companies now have gotten together to launch what they’re calling the first e-commerce app for the car in the QSR business. By mid-year, Domino’s and Ford intend to introduce an app that allows Ford Sync users who also have a saved online Domino’s customer profile to order pizza from the car in just a few simple, voice-activated steps on their smartphones via Sync AppLink.

“The ability to tie all of this together with the Sync system and be able to order Domino’s while driving safely is a pretty big leap forward,” J. Patrick Doyle, Domino’s CEO, told brandchannel.[more]

Ford, of course, is in the midst of promoting its latest infotainment advances at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, including its expansion of Sync AppLink to 3.4 million more vehicles later this year.

Meanwhile, Doyle has been busily using digital tech to advance Domino’s momentum in the marketplace, as well as a recent recasting of the brand and important new products such as last year’s introduction of pan pizza. He’s trying to reignite a corporate legacy of convenience that started decades ago with the industry’s first delivery guarantee.

The convenience of Domino’s mobile Easy Order platform in conjunction with customers’ Pizza Profiles has been boosting sales, profits and brand equity for Domino’s, which also has experimented with “pizzacams” offering customers online monitoring of their pies as they progress through a Domino’s kitchen.

Thus while remaining No. 2 in global sales behind Pizza Hut, Doyle considers Domino’s No. 1 in the business in digital-tech deployment. “The convenience of solving dinner that night while driving home,” Doyle said, “is a pretty interesting step forward for us as traditional leaders around convenience within the pizza industry.”