Polaroid, LG Get Nostalgic with Insta-Print Devices at CES 2014


The Polaroid brand may seem like the perfect one to box up and send off to the Smithsonian, but the camera maker isn’t close to dead yet. At CES 2014 this week in Las Vegas, Polaroid is demoing a nifty new camera that allows photographers to either instantly share an image on social media or print out a 2×3 inch version of it on sticker paper, CNET reports.

Of course, the Android-based Socialmatic with a 4.5-inch touchscreen will need special supplies such as heat-activated Zink paper, which will run about $30 for 80 sheets. Still, the “hipster-vintage retro design” may interest younger consumers, CNET predicts. The Socialmatic isn’t expected to actually be on the market till the fall, however, and TechCrunch reports that it will cost $299.

To add to the shareability, the printed image includes a small QR code “so that other Socialmatic users can scan it, get the digital version from Polaroid’s servers, and reprint it,” TechCrunch notes.[more]

LG also introduced a pocketsize printer at CES that allows consumers to print 2×3-inch images directly from their Android, iOS, and Windows phones. The printer will “alter the look of every photo that passes through it” in some way, according to The Verge. An LG app allows users to crop their photos as well. While the printer will be sold for $149, the paper will sell for 50 cents a sheet, selling in packs of 30.

And if the Socialmatic doesn’t inspire enough nostalgia (and sales), Polaroid can rest its revival hopes on its very own $1,000 4K 50-inch TV. Of course, Polaroid isn’t actually making the TV. Empire Electronics has just licensed the name, but it shows that Polaroid’s brand, which also appears on Android tablets, sports video cameras, and digital cameras, still resonates with consumers.

It remains to be seen if it resonates enough to make any real noise in the marketplace.