Coke Knee-Deep in World Cup Promotions as Global Tournament Draws Near


While the World Cup is four months away, event sponsors and brands are doing their part to build up hype around the global soccer event in Brazil. Coke, a major sponsor of the games, has launched several marketing initiatives, including its most recent reveal of 18 special edition interactive bottles to commemorate this summer’s biggest sporting event.

Each bottle, which represents a country that has hosted the event in the past or will in the future, including Argentina, Japan, and Qatar, doesn’t actually contain any Coke, but does allow for users to send special messages and avatars to friends who also own a bottle via Facebook, and iPhone and Android apps. Ad Age reports that the bottles can even “activate augmented reality animations when they’re held up to camera smartphones.” The mini-bottles follow the launch of commemorative Brazilian Coke cans

Coke is also spreading World Cup fever by hosting a youth soccer camp in Brazil during the World Cup, Bevnet reports. Four of the best American players (two male and two female) between the ages of 13 and 15 will be invited to the camp, where they’ll train with more than 150 other players from around the world.[more]

Keeping up with its musical legacy, Coke has released the official FIFA World Cup 2014 anthem, “The World is Ours,” which features “X Factor” season two singer David Correy, whose mother hails from Brazil, Colombian singer Carlos Vives, and Brazilian singer Gaby Amaranots as well as Brazilian percussion troupe Monobloco.

But those who buy up Coke’s interactive bottles might not be in the market for another new Coke-related product: a wine glass of sorts made especially to accentuate Coke’s flavorings. Austrian glassmaker Riedel, which sells more than 55 million specialty glasses each year, has created the special glass as part of a licensing deal signed last year. “The finish is much longer,” Georg Riedel, the tenth-generation chief of the company, told Bloomberg Businessweek. The glasses will sell in sets of two for $30, with Riedel producing 80,000. 

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