Applebee’s Offers Up Six Seconds of Fame for Fans in New TV Campaign


Applebee’s is giving Vine users a shot at their six seconds of fame in celebration of five years of its “Unbelievably Great Tasting & Under 550 Calories” menu.  

“Applebee’s has millions of fans in social media. If you’re one of them, you know we love to interact,” said Mike Archer, Applebee’s President.

The restaurant chain is asking fans to send their best “it’s unbelievable” reactions to the special menu through Vine. The idea for the videos came after consumers tested the new menu items. “We didn’t tell them it was 550 calories until after, and their reactions were, ‘Oh my God, we can’t believe this,’ so we wanted to figure out how to capture that for the commercial,” said Jill McFarland, senior manager of digital and social media marketing at Applebee’s, according to Digiday.

Applebee’s chose Vine as the video-submission format because of its six-second limitation and because Vines are easily shareable on Twitter. Fans who aspire to seeing their “OMG” face on TV must record and post their reaction on Vine, then share it on Twitter via hashtag #BeeFamous.[more]

If it passes Applebee’s muster, fans will get a reply on Twitter from the Applebee’s account with further instructions. The Applebee’s Reply Squad will be commenting on Vines, following users, and ‘revining’ as part of their strategy to engage with the community.

“Compared to previous activations where we’ve tried to get fans to give us things in exchange for rewards like gift cards, this is completely outperforming,” added McFarland. “It’s the chance to be on TV that gets people really excited, and it doesn’t take much time to participate.”

Vine is warming up as the platform of choice for brands including Dunkin Donuts, which aired a TV ad in September during ESPN’s “Monday Night Football” pregame show featuring animated content posted to Vine, and Airbnb, which created an entire short film, “Hollywood and Vines,” from submitted clips. 

Submissions for Applebee’s campaign, about 150 so far, will be accepted until Jan. 26.