L’Oreal’s Matrix Offers Stylist’s-Eye View with Google Glass


Google Glass may still be a novelty of sorts for just about everyone outside its “Explorer” program, but that’s not stopping global beauty brand L’Oreal from incorporating the futuristic specs into its personal care brands. 

According to Retailing Today, L’Oréal subsidiary Matrix is using Google Glass to help teach hairstylists how to do better work. Called “Matrix Class for Glass,” the initiative will include blogger video series, a salon professional education platform, and an app that “will house an exclusive library of content that can be downloaded by consumers and professionals.”

“This new initiative will completely transform the hair styling experience,” said Paul Schiraldi, VP, general manager for Matrix. “Wearable technology is the next frontier—poised to revolutionize the way we live and work, in the same way that smartphones and tablets have done. We’re extremely excited to be leading the way in professional and consumer hair education with this initiative.”[more]

The blogger series will allow viewers to witness a styling session from the viewpoint of the stylist so that students of the craft can get better at what they do. For those who want an in-person tutorial, that can happen to. Starting later this year, Matrix celebrity stylist George Papanikolas will see consumers in his studio in Los Angeles, video the entire styling via Google Glass, and send them the video later that day. 

“Salon clients and women around the world have long lamented the fact that they’re unable to have their talented hairstylists at their side to recreate their favorite salon hairstyles at home,” Papanikolas said in a press release. “Now, thanks to the technology of Google Glass and Matrix, the salon experience is forever changed.”