Brand News: Merck, Fiat Chrysler, GE and more



Brands to Watch

Bayer buys Claritin and other consumer brands from Merck for $14 billion.

Fiat Chrysler bets on Jeep, Alfa Romeo in global vision under new five-year plan.

GE bid of $17 billion for Alstom power unit falls short, French president says.

Office Depot plans to close 400 stores.

Walmart finally grows online sales faster than Amazon.


adidas looks to sell Rockport brand as company misses on profit.

Apple reveals $60 million compensation package for new retail chief Angela Ahrendts.[more]

Applebee’s debuts first location-specific menu item.

Delta keeps its edge in charging baggage fees.

Disney becomes third-biggest media company after News Corp. split.

Dunkin’ Donuts readies for European expansion.

Facebook launches “boot camp” for advertisers, sets high bar for video ads.

GM sees retirement of second executive linked to recalls as it offers employee pricing to owners of recalled cars.

Google Glass finds a home in the Emergency Room.

John Lewis plans in UK to sell own-brand TVs made by LG, as Tesco plans own-brand smartphone and Nespresso rival.

Los Angeles tops global ranking of city brands.

McDonald’s details sustainability goals.

Netflix may (or may not) have a new logo.

Rold Gold triples Facebook fans with branded-video series.

Siemens plots new strategy.

Sony launches “Sony Experience” areas at Best Buy stores.

Sotheby’s yields to hedge-fund mogul and allies.

Starbucks launches Seattle’s Best Coffee cheaper coffee brand in UK.

Super 8 hotel chain opens first property in Middle East.

Target seen pursuing first outside CEO.

Trident launches clothing line that “disables” personal tech.

Volkswagen prepares new budget brand for China.

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