Coke Captures Cola Fandom in First-Ever User-Generated Ad


Coca-Cola has hopped on the UGC bandwagon with its latest installment in “The AHH Effect” campaign aimed at teens.

Following in the footsteps of Airbnb’s use of Vine videos, PepsiCo’s fan-produced Super Bowl halftime spot, and Canon’s Project Imagin8ion, Coke used fan-submitted video clips to form a new TV commercial, which premiered Wednesday and will air across teen-focused networks like CW, MTV and Adult Swim, Adweek reports

Teens were invited to share—and record—what it feels like to take a sip of Coke. Out of over 400 submissions, 40 short videos were selected to be edited into the TV spot, with submissions hailing from around the world. The 30-second spot features fans striking a pose, dancing (in a polar bear costume) and taking a dip in the ocean, among other things, after drinking the bubbly beverage.[more]

It may be a first for Coca-Cola, but user-generated content is a growing trend as brands learn how to better utilize and build engagement on social media. Back in September, Airbnb released a short film entirely made up of user-generated Vine videos. The short film, titled “Hollywood and Vines,” was put together through an elaborate social media effort by the user-oriented travel brand.

Canon, meanwhile, has mastered the use of UGC through its film series, which was launched in 2011 with Project Imagin8ion, which called for user-submitted still photos that would be turned into professional videos by top Hollywood talent like Bryce Dallas Howard, Jamie Foxx, Eva Longoria and Ron Howard. The campaign’s second installment—Project Imaginat10n—saw all 10 films shown at Canon’s film festival in New York City in 2013. 

The latest brand effort to utilize UGC is by Wendy’s, which created a black-and-white short film to promote its new Italian-themed sandwich. But instead of using fan imagery to create the video, Wendy’s is asking fans to submit English subtitles for the film, whose soundtrack is in Italian, and which is now playing out on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.