With No Hardware, Apple’s WWDC Announcements Still Feel Like Pipe Dreams


It’s been an exciting few weeks for Apple, as the Cupertino, Calif.-based company recently confirmed its $3 billion acquisition of music and hardware brand Beats, and today hosted its highly-anticipated annual Worldwide Developer Conference

And while there was no new hardware or devices revealed—they’ll be revealed later this year—Apple’s WWDC announcements, including a new desktop operating system, OS X Yosemite, a new programming language, Swift, and a new mobile iOS, could provide clues to what the company has up its sleeve in the coming months. And with 9 million developers registered with Apple—double the amount of last year—Apple has more partners than ever in creating compatible apps and hardware to make its users’ lives easier.[more]

Beyond the news that Apple’s iconic voice-recognition system now wishes to be addressed as “Hey, Siri,” two of the announcements most indicative of the future was the company’s reveal of its new health apps, HealthKit, and HomeKit, a function to help developers create smart products, particularly smart home products, that will sync with Apple devices.

With smart home technology being all the rage at this year’s CES, and smart car apps taking center stage at auto shows around the world, Apple is clearly positioning itself to be a leader in the connected universe and Internet of Things. 

Apple’s reveal of HealthKit, on the other hand, points a finger towards Apple’s much-rumored iWatch or other wearable tech. The new app, which works like Apple’s PassBook, will collect and store health data from partner apps including Nike and the Mayo Clinic (whose board of directors includes Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt) and devices like Fitbit. The app works with Epic Systems, which can share health information in real-time across the same documentation platform that millions of doctors and hospitals use, and also can enable a health professional to reach out to you based on your most recent health stats. 

To the dismay of investors, Apple fans will have to wait until the fall to find out if the brand will couple this new functionality with actual hardware, but if Apple’s recent openness indicates anything, it looks like the company will have some major reveals over the next few months.

• Image courtesy Tuaw.comConnect with Alicia on Twitter: @aliciaciccone