MLB, Lego See Social Success Climb Thanks to Vine, Instagram Strategies


Social media activity has become second nature for brands, albeit some are doing it better than others. Beyond Facebook, Twitter and Google+, brands are tapping into their creative genius with Instagram and Vine, both of which provide platforms ripe for viral content. 

Lego recently launched its own Vine channel with the help of social agency 1000heads, posting two videos each week across the brand’s social networks.  “The Lego brand has been part of playtime for over 81 years and we see social video as a way of inspiring our next generation of builders and creators,” Ambreena Budaly, Lego’s social media marketing manager, told The Drum. 

Indeed, brands are using the photo and video platforms to not only push their own products and services, but to shed light on important partnerships and outreach programs. MLB has produced nearly 150 Vines so far, three quarters of which were produced in advance. The association has deals with this summer’s Godzilla and Guardians of the Galaxy films, and is developing a public personality by producing both humorous and promotional spots.[more]

The Vine for its partnership with Bank of America’s #Troopthanks campaign took nearly two weeks to execute, but the time is worth it as Vines have delivered 50 percent higher engagement than the brand’s other social executions, including photos, subsequently helping raise $50,000 in one week.

“This kind of creative content collaboration, we’re going to start to see more of that in the industry,” Meredith Verdone, head of Enterprise, Consumer and Global Wealth & Investment Management Marketing for Bank of America, told the Wall Street Journal. MLB and Bank of America will post sponsored Vines to their Twitter accounts as well as using them as pre-roll ads featuring MLB players thanking military personnel.

Other brands notably using Vine include Oreo, Mashable, Dunkin’ Donuts, Samsung Mobile US, GE, Airbnb, and even NASA, whose astronaut Reid Wiseman’s Vine of an Earth orbit from space has gone viral. 

Over on Instagram, a new suite of photo-editing tools has helped the network produce more professional looking snapshots, and in turn attract a new host of users. “Inspiring creativity is incredibly important to us—and as the Instagram community grows, we’ve been excited to hear requests for more ways to creatively take hold of how your photos look and feel,” the brand wrote in a blog post.  

Some of the best brand executions on Instagram can be found on General Electric’s and Old Spice’s accounts, not to mention the growing number of Instagram “influencers” that are being paid by brands to promote their products and services to their hundreds of thousands of followers.  

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