Branded Content Watch: Newcastle, Oreo, Dell and more


The Special (Drunk) Relationship: There is a lot to consider in an alternative history that examines what would have happened if the British won the Revolutionary War. But Newcastle is only interested in one detail: What beer would America be drinking? (Hint: Newcastle.)

In the spot, Ricky Gervais-collaborator Stephen Merchant examines what could have been for the British brown ale across a Newcastle microsite[more]

Beats All You Never Saw: Maybe someone at Doner was watching RadioShack’s epic “The ’80s Called” Super Bowl spot earlier this year and had an epiphany, because the new spots for AutoTrader that bring back the boys from The Dukes of Hazard seem inspired by RadioShack’s mining of the era. 

“Filled with Nervousity”: Co-founder of VICE Media Group and branded content extraordinaire, Shane Smith, gave a keynote at YouTube’s Brandcast 2014.

Cannes You Feel the Love?: While Cannes awarded no Grand Prix this year for Branded Content & Entertainment, two ads did win in the category of Film Lions. Harvey Nichols’ holiday campaign, “Sorry, I Spent it on Myself” and Volvo trucks’ “Epic Splits” both went home with a Grand Prix.

Dell-fie: Computer brand Dell goes for the mockumentary with its “Center for Selfie Improvement.”

Oh the Places You’ll Brand Content: Oreo goes Dr. Suess in a whimsical new story about “Mel’s Mini Mart” to support its Mini Oreos product.

Move Over Uncle Drew: Centrum took eight old timers to Harlem’s iconic Goat Park to play a bunch of youngsters and prove age is just a number.

Cleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeean: Tide gets in on the World Cup action with an extended version of “The Jersey Exchange.”

Do You Even Scooter, Bro?: In India, Vespa asks “Do You Vespa?” and highlights how the iconic scooter—and its riders—stand out from the (world’s second largest) crowd.

Gives Autobots Wings: Red Bull has a Transformers 4 tie-in campaign running in China.

Chevy Goes to the Beijing Olympics: Speaking of Transformers 4, Chevrolet is making the most of its tie-ins and product placement to the hit film. One recent event was a celebrity-hosted, Transformer-statue decorated event at the Water Cube, the iconic building from the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The focus of the event was on Chevy’s TRAX model.

Bullseye: Target goes Lego for The Lego Movie DVD release.

On the Subject of Bullseye: The anti-gun violence group the Brady Campaign had a very dark congratulations message for the Class of 2014.

More Branded Content News:

– “With exclusive access to people and places usually unavailable to tourists” is just one perk of the China vacation offered by “Times Journeys,” a travel program offered by The New York Times. The Times-branded journeys partner travelers with the paper’s bureau chiefs and other experts. The China leg is just $16,495.

– Old Navy’s $1 flip-flop campaign will be built around Jimmy Kimmel.

– Apple was granted a patent for “Companion Content.” But what does that mean?

– The UK’s Channel 4 is getting into the branded game with a new short-form video hub.

– Bro-focused branded content agency Woven adds a new bro.

– Mobile engagement and analytics group Hipcricket launches new sponsored data program.

– The new USPS forever stamps will feature farmers markets.

Finally, here is a supercut of memorable ads put together by YouTube’s dedicated ad channel:


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