Branded Content Watch: Uber, Pizza Hut, The Rock and more


Uber Operating With Max Promotional Operationality: Uber isn’t just about free ice cream. It was only a few weeks ago we mentioned its tie-in with Transformers 4 to put Uber users in the rig better known as Optimus Prime. Now, poster child for the disruption movement, Uber has arranged a similar partnership with he new video game Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

Pegged to E3, Uber users in Los Angeles could find themselves getting a ride share in a 17,000-pound, 6.7-liter turbo diesel, military-grade Cyclone armored personnel carrier. What’s next for Uber? Fast and Furious 7? The new Mad Max: Fury Road? Cars 3? The possibilities seems endless.[more]

Kowabunga Dude: Pizza Hut will be the official ‘za of the upcoming reboot of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise.

If You’re Going to San Francisco: Bear Naked Granola plugs its brand in a viral video it sponsored about urban surfing the streets of San Francisco:

Dispatches from a Smarter Planet: Don’t miss IBM’s “Made with IBM” video series on innovative partnerships on its YouTube channel. Here’s Toshiba’s CMO on a data-based collaboration to make classroom IT more efficient:

Choose Your Own Adventure: Heineken’s “Open Your City” promotion invites you to tweet @wherenext to Heineken and the beer brand will tell you where to go.

Summer Spectacular: This is a two minute “movie trailer” for Ford. If it cost $1 million per minute was it worth it? What about 50 cents per minute?

Sex and the Brands: From the Brands & Films blog comes this super cut of every brand mention during all seasons of HBO’s Sex and the City. Wow.

Who Chats? WeChat! Skyrocketing Chinese social media service WeChat is moving into India with a unique pitchman: a rich eccentric man with a pet bovine named Katrina. (Oddly enough, the spots’ creators did a similar thing in India for Old Spice six months ago.)

Cry for the Fry: Cookware maker T-Fal asks you to think of the maligned french fry.

Get Him, The Greek: In the ongoing push to marry Hollywood and big sporting events, ESPN put The Rock—as Hercules from the upcoming film of the same name—into a MLB All Star Game spot.

Fox, Fantastic: This Fantastic Mr. Fox-inspired Hermes window display is incredible.

* For this weekend’s latest addition to The Purge film franchise, here’s a viral promo that let’s you “purge your followers” on social media.

* GE used Snapchat to debut its futuristic sneakers.

* Cisco taps CNN‘s digital content studio for “Cities of Tomorrow.”

* Chinese authorities plan to limit branded video channels.

* The LPGA is trying branded content with a new partnership with Blinkx Plc.

* How to get your destination featured in the reality show The Bachelor.

* The latest native video solution: INgage.

* And a wonderful Netflix ad from Canada:

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