Starbucks Goes Four-Wheeling to Bring Brew to College Campuses


Some college students heading back to campus in the coming weeks will be greeted by a new classmate—Starbucks. 

The cult coffee purveyor is rolling out three brew-serving food trucks at James Madison University in Virgina, Coastal Carolina University in South Carolina, and Arizona State University, which previously partnered with the brand on its education efforts. The trucks will be operated by Aramark, whose recent survey of college students showed Starbucks to be the No. 1 preferred brand for coffee, according to Bloomberg Businessweek.

While the three selected campuses already have permanent Starbucks locations, the trucks, which will offer up a similar menu of food and beverages, are meant to move to various locations on campus as the day goes on and in some cases may be open later than a campus dining hall.[more]

This isn’t the first time Starbucks has tapped the food-truck trend. Five years ago, it rolled out a truck in Hong Kong, and earlier this summer, it launched a food truck tour of the West Coast to promote its Frappuccino beverages. 

More good news for kids wanting to kick off the fall semester in good taste: Starbucks is bringing back its popular Pumpkin Spice-flavored drinks on August 25, nearly a full month before the fall season actually begins. And for those of us that refuse to put down the iced-coffee even as the inevitable winter season approaches, Starbucks is reportedly testing cold-brew coffee in the Boston area. The brewing method is supposed to yield a more smooth-tasting beverage as opposed to traditional brews being poured over ice. 


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