Twitter Unlocks Tweet Analytics for All Users in Social Engagement Race


In the last week, social platforms including Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr have announced improvements to their analytics offerings for brands that advertise on and use their platforms for marketing. Twitter has taken that move and raised it by opening up its analytics dashboard to all users with an active account, not just paying advertisers.

Available in four languages, the dashboard is “designed for the serious tweeter—the journalists, politicians, celebrities and everyone else who are trying to reach a large pool of people,” the Wall Street Journal notes.  

“Understanding why some of their tweets didn’t gain much traction could help users improve their performance, thus increasing engagement—an important metric that is closely tied to the way advertisers view Twitter as an attractive platform. This could be one of the reasons why Twitter decided to make a product previously designed for paying customers to the wider pool of users.”

The dashboard gives a broad view of the number of impressions a tweet has received, favorites, profile clicks, retweets and replies, and how many times users engaged with a tweet and what that engagement was.[more]

“For the first time, advertisers will be able to see how many times users have viewed and engaged with organic Tweets, so that they can more effectively optimize their content strategy,” Twitter wrote in a blog post. The new dashboard comes with a dedicated help page that serves up definitions and best practices such as: “Leverage real-time cultural moments like live sports events, awards shows or trending conversations. Mention influencer usernames with large followings or high-volume hashtags in Tweets. Include auto-expanded photos or videos paired with short, conversational copy.”

While the new dashboard will help everyday users better understand their actions on the site, Twitter surely isn’t forgetting about it’s top brands. In turn, Twitter has also launched “Flight School,” a learning hub for agencies to help maximize their marketing efforts. The initiative was first tested on Starcom MediaVest, WPP and Omnicom. 

“For marketers who want to reach consumers during today’s biggest live, public and conversational moments, there’s no better place than Twitter,” said Laura Desmond, CEO of SMG. “Flight School has given us added expertise to leverage Twitter’s real-time marketing platform to create impactful campaigns for our clients in the evolving digital media landscape.”

—Sheila is a New York-based writer/producer, co-founder of Third Eye Media and an avid believer in the power of the media for change. Connect with her on Twitter: @srshayon