Mirror, Mirror: IKEA Seduces with Five-Minute Furniture and Full-On Flattery


When IKEA discovered that nearly half of Brits surveyed didn’t receive a single compliment during the span of week and that a third of the UK population thinks it looks its worst (but don’t we all) before 9 a.m. on Monday mornings, the Swedish furniture giant decided to do something about it.

Faster than you can say “Mirror, Mirror…” the retailer’s UK arm developed a talking mirror that (thanks to a little digital wizardry) compliments customers with pick-up lines such as “Have you been working out?” and “Your eyes are mesmerizing?” or “You look fabulous today.” The mirror even wolf-whistles at shoppers strolling by.

While the words are spoken (although not, alas, in Billy Crystal-as-Fernando‘s “You look mahvelous” voice), they are written across the mirror as well. The impact on customers, as you might expect, was immediate and hilarious, as you can see below.[more]

“We all know how that first look in the bathroom or bedroom mirror can determine whether we have a good or bad day,” said Myriam Ruffo, Head of Bedrooms and Bathrooms, IKEA UK & Ireland in a press release about why it’s reinventing the mirror. “That’s why we thought—wouldn’t it be great if the mirror actually told you something positive for a change? It’s often the small things that make the biggest difference.”

Indeed. The mirror is currently being tested in one location in the UK but it seems likely that its voice will soon be heard in other locations. IKEA has been innovating in other ways as well.

In a further bid to appeal to harried customers’ need for life-improving innovations, it’s rolling out worldwide a new easy-to-assemble storage line called Regissör. There are no tools needed to put together these new products, which take as little as five minutes to assemble, as demonstrated in the video below. 

It’s expected that the lack of tools will be moved to other furniture lines in the spring of 2015. As for that motivational mirror? It can’t come soon enough.

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