Nike Sues CrossFit Gym for Jumpman-Like Logo


The lawyers at CrossFit are big on protecting the company’s trademark. One lawsuit essentially put the Italian CrossGym out of business. It sued the National Strength and Conditioning Association for claiming that its program “causes injury at a high rate.” And Outside magazine felt the ire of CrossFit when it published an article entitled “Is CrossFit Killing Us?”

Now CrossFit is tangling with a bigger foe: Nike. That behemoth’s legal team is unhappy with a CrossFit gym in West Palm Beach, Fla., which Nike feels looks an inverted version of the Jumpman logo its Jordan Brand with Michael Jordan uses.

As the Washington Post reports, Nike has filed suit to put a stop to the image of the man balancing on a kettle ball at the CrossFit CityPlace gym. Nike claims the gym’s logo will not only confuse but also causes “grave and irreparable damage.”[more]

CrossFit, of course, has its legal team ready for action. “They’re trying to bully the little guy because they’ve got more money,” gym owner Matt Brewster told the Palm Beach Post. “They’re trying to scare us, but we’re not going to be scared.”

One of Brewster’s lawyers believes that Nike is kind of jealous that it “missed the boat” on the CrossFit trend, which has aligned itself with Reebok, and took it one step further to put a bit of a challenge to Jordan himself.

“With all due respect to Michael Jordan, I’ve never seen Michael Jordan slam dunk a 70-pound kettle bell upside down,” Michael Pike of Pike & Lustig, told the Palm Beach Post.

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