Dave & Buster’s Not the Only No Juan Ever Tweet Offender


Earlier today, the Twitter account of U.S. restaurant brand Dave & Buster’s posted, deleted and then apologized for a tweet it issued. The offending message? “‘I hate tacos’ said no Juan ever #TacoTuesday #DaveandBusters.”

Outcry on the pun on the “said no-one ever” meme was swift and loud.

Adweek outright called the tweet “racist,” as did many other social media users. The tweet landed in a long line of apologies from advertisers about inappropriate race jokes, from GM to Abercrombie & Fitch’s “Wong Brothers Laundry Service—Two Wongs Can Make It White” a dozen years ago.

But the “no Juan” joke has been around for a long time. In fact, other brand names—some large ones too—have been tweeting it for months. One even just a few days ago. [more]

Five days before Dave and Buster’s apologized for its “no juan” tweet, food brand Old El Paso tweeted “”I don’t like tacos” said no juan ever #QuoteOfTheDay” and the response was a single retweet. 

A few weeks earlier, you can guess what restaurant chain El Torito tweeted.

In February, California indie restaurant chain Chuy’s tweeted “Because every juan loves tacos 😉 #justsaying.”

Winfield, Kansas’ The Eatery tweeted “Every Juan loves tacos! #tacoTuesday #2dollartacos.”

Its appeal isn’t just in the U.S. A month ago, Brisbane’s Kerbside Bar in Australia tweeted “Every juan loves Tacos. And free live music! And beer!”

In fact, one Australian taco truck, Oi! Taco, uses the “no Juan” joke as its trademarked catchphrase.

These were hardly the only examples of businesses using “no Juan” on social media, as it’s been spotted from Dublin to New York City.

A lot of the debate about the tweet was whether or not the “no Juan” joke is, in fact, racist at all. 

And eateries aren’t the only ones promoting the popular joke.

Everyone’s favorite twee retailer, Etsy, hosts numerous stores with “no Juan” t-shirts for sale.

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