Allstate Warns Social Over-Sharers with #MayhemSale


Allstate Mayhem Sale Facebook

Allstate started 2015 by receiving more than one miliion Facebook impressions in a single day for its Project Aware Share campaign, which warns consumers against over-sharing on social media.

The insurance brand’s public service stunt went viral on the very platform it’s warning against, after pranking a real-life couple that their home had been burgled and their (replicated) goods sold off at (hashtag #MayhemSale) in a reference to the brand’s Mayhem character, who engineered the fictitious sale.[more]

Allstate Mayhem Sale

The goal of the stunt wasn’t to embarrass the couple but to prove a point by educating consumers about sharing safely on social media and emphasizing the importance of having the right home protection.

As noted in a press release recapping the stunt, “Allstate’s Project Aware Share features a chronologically-unveiled series of Mayhem ads that portray mayhem in a most creative and unusual way during the broadcast of the 2015 College Football Playoff Semifinal at the Allstate® Sugar Bowl®. In the ads, Mayhem lets himself into a home left vacant by a couple, inspired by Matt and Shannon, who posted on social media that they are out of town attending the Allstate® Sugar Bowl® in New Orleans.”

“With the advent of more social networks and more people using them, sharing online–including personal information–has increased dramatically,” stated Sanjay Gupta, executive vice president of marketing, innovation and corporate relations, at Allstate Insurance Company. “As our world and technology change, so do people’s vulnerabilities. Allstate saw an important opportunity to educate consumers about safe sharing practices so they can enjoy the benefits of social media but also better protect themselves and their property.”

ABC News interviewed the young couple, Matt and Shannon, whose trip to the Sugar Bowl was reimbursed by the brand for their trouble. They told ABC they have vowed to never over-share on social media again. Allstate’s microsite for the campaign also provides guidelines for protecting users’ vulnerable information on social media and the company’s Digital Locker app to help consumers document their belongings in case of theft.

Allstate Mayhem Sale


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