Gillette Venus Updates ‘She’s Got It’ as Girl Power Anthem


Gillette Venus And TV commercial 2015

Procter & Gamble’s Gillette Venus line of shaving products is rewriting its classic “Venus: She’s Got It” brand anthem with a new song that encourages women to embrace the “and” in “brand” and take a stand.

Rebooted as a female empowerment song by New York songwriter Leah Siegel, it’s being promoted by Gillette in the Venus brand’s new “Use Your And” campaign:[more]

You are wit & wisdom. Beauty & brains. Talent & tenacity. You are a 21st Century Girl and Gillette Venus has written the soundtrack to your amazing life. #UseYourAnd

Show “or” the door—this is the story of “&”. The story of realizing your true potential. Put an end to the one-dimensional labels that limit your potential. Because you are beautiful AND smart. You can be an astronaut AND a soccer player AND a ballerina. Your life is composed of many ANDs—an empowering sum of all of the things you are, and all you want to be. Venus invites you and women everywhere to take a stand against one-dimensional labels. #UseYourAnd

The campaign expands on last year’s “In a Snap” campaign urging women to be more spontaneous, and updates a pop tune that dates back to 1969 and was made famous by British girl pop trio Bananarama. More in the videos below.


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