CES 2015: Teen-Created Smart Steering Wheel Tackles Distracted Driving


SMARTwheel has been endorsed by President Obama, survived ABC’s Shark Tank—and now its 19-year-old inventor is braving the 2015 CES fray in Las Vegas.

He can’t drink or gamble while there, but TJ Evarts is hoping to find partners and potential backers for “the first intelligent steering wheel cover that helps prevent distracted driving.” he also hopes to add a much-needed youthful perspective to the connected car conversation.

“When most people think of distracted driving, they think of cell phones,” states the New Hampshire teen. “But the problem is bigger than that, especially for teen drivers. I wanted to develop a tool that would actually change how people drive. SMARTwheel provides a simple way to make sure drivers stay focused.”[more]

The device “snaps onto any steering wheel, and uses a patented sensing technology to encourage safe hand position and help drivers stay focused on the road. Unlike devices that simply record vehicle data, SMARTwheel™ provides real-time feedback to alert drivers to common distracted driving behaviors—allowing them to make corrections before a potential accident.”

It also delivers teachable insights wirelessly to a smartphone app, letting parents and teens track improvement with a simple grading system. Its smart technology combines advanced linear potentiometers with a proprietary algorithm to analyze driver hand position, contact area and motion.

Having rejected an offer on the ABC reality series, the young entrepreneur and his teen Inventioneers have launched an Indiegogo fundraising campaign.

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