Dot Branding: Quiksilver and Roxy Want You to .Surf the Web


Quiksilver board shorts

The world’s biggest surf wear brand is finally getting into web-surfing—by using gTLDs to shore up its brand online.

Quiksilver is adopting the .surf domain name to differentiate its businesses, including,, and

According to a press release, the URL will also help “redirect their millions of followers on their social media channels.”[more]

Roxy surf

Sister brand Roxy is also riding the wave, securing as an online destination.

“At Quiksilver, we appreciate how important digital is for the worldwide surfing community,” stated Nicolas Foulet, Global Head of Ecommerce and Digital Marketing.

“By creating these brand new websites, we can point our fans to really cool, new content they can use and the short, generic names make it really easy to remember and get to very specific information quickly.”

While the apparel-based .surf domains drive to the relevant channels on, will be used for its marketing as the sponsor of the World Surf League (formerly ASP), driving surfing fans to information on events, event results and much more.

The URL will serve as Quiksilver’s new front door for their numerous surf camps around the world. 

The use of generic-term and country-base URLs by brands is still evolving. Plenty of TV-related businesses have taken advantage of Tuvalu’s .tv domain name, for example.

But dot-branding via generic top-level domains (gTLDs) is still a nascent effort by brands. Global DNS overseer ICANN had to adjust its revenue expectations because of a lack of sales.

“New [gTLD] registries are still trying to find their footing,” Akram Atallah, ICANN’s former COO and now president of the non-profit’s global domains division, told an audience at NamesCon 2015 in Las Vegas this week, according to “We are seeing a lot of new entrants.”

“This is a new way of doing things online so it’s mostly a competitive issue: a lot of them are sitting around the pool waiting for the first one to jump in,” he added.  

One company that had jumped in was .XYZ, which sent out an email Dec. 3 that claimed that it had “thousands of short, marketable keyword [‘.xyz’] domain names” for registration including “trademarked names such as Nike, Hulu, Netflix, Skype, Pepsi, Audi and Deloitte,” report.

The firm was forced to pull its press release after inquiries from World Trademark Review, following concerns that the company was essentially inviting individuals to cybersquat on big brands’ domain names. .XYZ denies this, TheDomains reports.

“Those names were mentioned for the sole purpose of encouraging trademark owners to register their marks so that cybersquatters could not register the names,” ‘.xyz production manager Shayan Rostam told the site.

“There was absolutely no other reason that they were included. It follows that we still very much disagree with the assertion that we mentioned the names for any other reason.”


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