Matt Damon, and Stella Artois Raise a Glass (and Hope) to Women


Stella Artois, the nonprofit cofounded by Matt Damon to help bring clean drinking water to developing nations across the globe, has made a very powerful partner: Anheuser Busch InBev. 

One of the world’s largest brewer’s brands, Stella Artois, has just launched its first global social action campaign, announcing it at the Sundance Film festival in partnership with

Called Buy a Lady a Drink, the campaign asks consumers to purchase a $12 chalice with Stella’s name on it. There are 20,000 limited-edition chalices being sold through More than just a stylish branded memento, however, the money can provide clean water to a family for five years, as notes in a press release. [more]

Stella Artois Matt Damon buy a lady a drink

There are actually three different chalices for consumers to purchase. Each was “inspired by traditional handcrafted objects from three of the developing countries where operates, including textiles from India, baskets from Ethiopia, and pottery from Honduras,” the release states.

“Around the world, women spend 200 million hours a day collecting water,” Damon says in the campaign’s promotional video, below. “What if we could give them that time back and stop those journeys so they could start new ones of their own?”

The announcement of the partnership, which also sees Stella donating $1.2 million to the effort in addition to funds raised from chalice sales, came at the Sundance Film Festival, where Stella Artois has been a sponsor for many years.

At the Sundance launch event, some films were shown about the women has helped. One had a water tap put into her a home a year ago, which has allowed her to work at the family business and plant crops, according to cofounder Gary White. “Her children no longer miss school because of the need to line up at a local water source waiting for water that never comes,” he writes on Huffington Post.


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