Super Bowl 2015: Nissan SVP Fred Diaz Explains Thinking Behind “With Dad”


Nissan’s “With Dad” Super Bowl XLIX spot was one of the outstanding examples of “dadvertising” and branded takes on parenthood during the Big Game.

Fred Diaz, SVP sales, marketing and US operations for Nissan North America, explains in our Q&A why celebrating fatherhood made sense for its SB49 return (watch the commercial below) after nearly two decades: “Nissan is a compassionate brand that understands the daily struggles that we go through with work-life balance.”

As for whether the branded embrace of all things fatherly was a response to the NFL’s domestic violence crisis this past year, Diaz countered that “Nothing with the NFL had any part of our decision in any way. We started concepting a year ago, and essentially we wanted somehow or another to build a brand spot that resonated and connected with America.”

In terms of leveraging the Super Bowl as a global branding platform, it’s an opportunity to connect—before, during and after the game—with the public in a meaningful, emotional way: “You’ve got to make people laugh or cry. In our case, [the message is] that things are better when Dad is involved.”[more]