Our Thank You to Brands Stepping Up on World Cancer Day


The following is a guest post by Rachel Kessman Heringer and Jenny Kessman in honor of their mother, Dore:

It’s no secret that any business wants a great company vibe within the office. Companies create culture through nice perks like karaoke at a holiday party, a breakfast bar or summer Fridays but what about through giving? What if all brands came together for a cause?

Today, February 4th, is World Cancer Day. Today, people all around the world are uniting as one support system to raise awareness to find a cure for all cancers. If individuals can come together to fight back, why can’t brands?

14 million people worldwide are told that they have cancer every year. But cancer doesn’t affect just those 14 million people, of course—cancer affects everyone.[more]

Cancer doesn’t just affect hospitals—such as Princess Margaret’s NoHairSelfie movement that started in Canada—and pharmaceutical companies, such as Pfizer—although we applaud their efforts.

It affects you, your coworkers and your employees; it touches the lives of your colleagues, whether at branding agencies, education technology start ups, and clothing companies.

In order to truly make a difference, corporate citizenship needs to be tied to both the brand and business strategy. If brands align and partner for the greater good, the impact would be world changing.

A perfect example of a brand partnership to battle cancer is Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center’s Cycle for Survival.

Employees at Imagine Easy Solutions and brandchannel parent Interbrand have come together to fight back against rare cancers through Cycle for Survival, which has teamed up with Equinox to create indoor team cycling events that raise critical funds for rare cancer research.

100% of every donation to Cycle for Survival is directly allocated to research at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center within six months of the events. The donations go to pioneering research and clinical trials, and have already led to new and better treatments for cancer patients worldwide.

Memorial Sloan Kettering researchers collaborate with institutions around the world, and have led the way in developing new ways to diagnose and treat cancer.

Equinox, the founding partner of Cycle for Survival, has grown from one cycling studio in New York City to rides in 13 cities across the US. Equinox dedicates significant time and resources to help raise awareness and funding for Cycle for Survival.

The proof is in the numbers. There is a direct impact and it saves people’s lives.

Since starting in 2007, Cycle for Survival is now one of the fastest-growing fundraising events; more than $61.6 million has been raised to date, directly funding clinical trials and research studies that bring new hope to countless lives touched by rare cancers. Other brands, such as New Balance, have joined the cause too.

If there is proof that brands can partner to make a direct impact in people’s lives, why don’t more brands participate?

Below, a few of the brands we ran across today that are stepping up for World Cancer Day. We want to know how your brand is giving back this World Cancer Day—or let us know who you’ve spotted stepping up.