Brand News: Anthem, Beats, Pfizer and More



Anthem discloses what was likely the biggest US healthcare data breach.

Apple reportedly plans to fold Beats Music into iTunes, while also in talks about launching a web-based TV service.

McDonald’s won Super Bowl ad derby on purchase consideration.

Pfizer buys Hospira for $16 billion.

RadioShack plans to file for bankruptcy today.[more]


Auntie Anne’s and Cinnabon try co-branded units.

Chipotle may raise menu prices on beef.

Cracker Barrel develops fast-casual concept.

ESPN launches Hometown group to aid advertisers.

Facebook gains on YouTube.

“Fifty Shades of Grey” is banned in Malaysia as Trojan pegs video to film.

GM opts to not penalize worker profit-sharing following recalls.

Gap debuts love story “micro series” in Instagram.

Infiniti gives glimpse of coming QX30 crossover.

Keurig stumbles with new brewer.

Kodak continues making movie film.

NBC anchor Brian Williams admits he never came under fire in Iraq.

Reuters debuts Reuters TV.

Rite Aid ramps up RediClinic openings.

Snyder’s-Lance makes snacking its “passion.”

Sony gives hope for its electronics business.

Sotheby’s hammers Christie’s in sale.

Sprint widens losses but slows subscriber exodus.

Timex plots wearables success.

Twitter’s slowing growth rate weighs on CEO as service keeps adding features.

UBS faces new tax-evasion probe.

Under Armour acquires two fitness apps.

Unilever cleans up ice creams from artificial growth hormones.

Vodafone stems sales declines as Europe recovers.

Yum! Brands reports disappointing earnings on China.


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