Is Old Spice Lost in the Woods With #NatureFacts Fresher Campaign?


Old Spice Nature Facts

Old Spice has released its latest batch of wacky ads—tagline: “Smell as great as nature is” / hashtag: #naturefacts—as you can watch below.

The ads are promoting the new Fresher collection, which bears back-to-nature names such as Nest, Log, Roar, Woods and (evoking a more tropical forest) Coconut.

Old Spice brand director John Sebastian describes the desired effect on the Old Spice customer in a press release: [more]

“The scent names not only tell him what he’s getting, but have the power to transport him to nature. We’ve captured the essence of the Fresher Collection’s transformation powers in this campaign, whether it’s a bear encounter brought on by the smell of Timber or a relaxing and equally absurd boulder recliner on the beach as a result of using Fiji.”

There will also be an activation in New York’s Grand Central Station:

The manliest grooming brand on the planet is bringing an outrageous display of nature to New York’s concrete jungle with the Old Spice Nature Exchange Vending Machine at Grand Central Terminal’s East Vanderbilt Hall. Available from February 12-14, the vending machine will offer Old Spice fans and commuters the opportunity to exchange nature’s bounty such as leaves, sticks, acorns and pine cones for outrageous prizes ranging from guitars and telescopes, a bungee jump vacation, and for one intrepid car fanatic, a legendary European sports car decked out in Old Spice red.

Does it all make scents for the brand? Does quirky messaging drive sales? Watch the ads below and let us know what you think.