007 Branding: Jaguar Land Rover Joins SPECTRE Product Placement Roster


James Bond has come a long way since the gray 1933 Bentley convertible he drove in Ian Fleming’s first novel about the superspy, moving through several fleets of luxury cars since then, each with a special trick or two, from flipping license plate and missiles to turning into a plane.

Fleming was only alive to see the first two Bond films hit the theaters. While those certainly did well, he could have no idea what kind of cultural icon (and massive moneymaker) he left behind. That money keeps pouring in, including product placements for brands including Red Stripe and Heineken.  

One of the most coveted placements for any Bond film is in the automotive category, as Jaguar Land Rover can attest, having just announced three of its vehicles that will appear in this November’s “SPECTRE,” the 24th Bond film that is now in production in England with Daniel Craig back as Bond and Sam Mendes directing.[more]

In addition to the Aston Martin DB10 that was revealed in December, “SPECTRE” will also see a Range Rover Sport SVR, a burnt orange Jaguar C-X75, and a Land Rover Defender Big Foot all make appearances in the film. The C-X75 will be driven by the villain in the 24th film in the series, meaning the bad guys get to drive sexy cars too, as Bloomberg notes.

“This will be the finest looking and most innovative Jaguar ever created,” Jaguar head designer Ian Callum stated. “Even in the world of supercars, we can still produce the most beautiful.”

Sure, Callum, but will it fly? “SPECTRE” will also be giving some screen time over to Belvedere Vodka, but one expects that it won’t be seen in conjunction with one of the cars. For a man who has consumed a lot of alcohol, Bond isn’t known to drink and drive.

Man’s man Bond also knew his way around women, so it comes as no surprise that they won’t have to wait until November to get a fresh whiff of Bond.

Yes, just in time for Valentine’s Day comes the “dangerously seductive” 007 for Women perfume.


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