Lincoln Ambushes Cadillac’s New “Dare Greatly” Tagline Via Google Adwords


Little more than two years ago, it was Ford’s luxury brand, Lincoln, that was attempting to redefine itself and taking its chances, with huge stakes, on marketing’s biggest stage by buying ad time during the Super Bowl.

Now that archrival Cadillac, General Motors’ luxury brand, is trying to do much the same, Lincoln executives can’t help but run a little interference via search engine marketing.

In a subtle bit of digital ambush marketing, Lincoln is using Google Adwords to buy “Dare Greatly” as keywords, the tagline in the new Cadillac campaign (find out more in our Q&A with CMO Uwe Ellinghaus) that is debuting tonight during the Oscars US telecast on ABC.[more]

“You Don’t Have To Make A Statement When You Know Who You Are,” read one Lincoln ad on Google related to the search result, “Dare Greatly –”

“It’s Not About Whose Eye You Catch,” said another of Lincoln’s volleys. “It’s About What You See.”

The URL also leads to the Ford-owned Lincoln’s website.

Lincoln brand spokespeople weren’t immediately available for comment to brandchannel.

But for their part, Cadillac executives seemed more bemused than anything else.

“Standard issue stuff,” commented Cadillac spokesman David Caldwell.

Below, Cadillac’s new “Dare Greatly” spot:


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