Trademark News: Apple ResearchKit, March Madness and more


Apple has wasted no time in filing a trademark for ResearchKit, the open source medical research platform announced during its Apple Watch event on Mar. 9.

Google alum Michelle Lee has been named head of the US Patent and Trademark Office, a position that has been vacant for more than two years.

March Madness is here, but be warned: the NCAA says the use of the term—plus “Elite Eight,” “Final Four,” “Big Dance”—are “carefully controlled and aggressively protected.”[more]

Macy’s is tussling with a California man with an unusual hobby: acquiring lapsed trademarks, including names of 21 retailers that it acquired and rebranded, such as Filenes.

Samsung seeks to trademark “Super OLED” and related terms in response to LG‘s move to trademark “Smart OLED” and related terms.

Zillow is unsuccessful in challenge to USPTO ruling reject a home-valuation patent.

This dotSucks: Brands are being bullied into registering for .sucks, which has one a promo video (below) with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

And in other news:

• Sazerac objects to KDA Bourbon trademark bid.

• Toronto’s Dufflet Pastries sues local bakery to stop calling a confection a “cakelette.”

Walmart sends cease and desist letter to a Tumblr account with the URL and a picture of a horse at a Walmart.

walmart horse tumblr

Kraftwerk (the band) sues a charging device with the same name.

• Florida-based vodka maker White Oak Spirits loses trademark battle against California winery of the same name.

• SF restaurant Saison and Napa Valley food company La Saison are sparring.

• More on the Hall & Oates vs. Haulin’ Oats case.