GE Brings BBQ Science and First Creator in Residence to SXSW


GE is bringing a smokin’ turn on experiential marketing to South by Southwest as well as introducing its first ever creator in residence: British biologist and Oxford University doctoral student, Sally Le Page.

Look for Le Page, who already hosts her own series on YouTube (Shed Science), at GE’s SXSW BBQ pit, which examines the science (and art) behind Austin’s favorite treat: smoked meat. Think of it as delicious brisketucation.

SXSW is part of her month-long taping in the US that will become a three-month new Popular Science-type series on GE’s YouTube channel, produced in partnership with Fullscreen.

She’s also on a SXSW panel today with Fullscreen about the science of movies.

Before arriving in Austin, Le Page has been busy taping webisodes in New York and interviewing scientists and engineers at GE HQ in Connecticut.

As for what GE is up to in Austin, SXSW-goers can RSVP to attend its global research team’s BBQ Science activation, a “Super Smoker” that’s generating and tracking real-time data from barbecuing meat to understand the science of cooking—and serving up the results.

As GE chemical and robotics scientist Lynn DeRose puts it in a blog post, the smoker is “outfitted with sensors to collect data as our barbecue cooks and two GE Global Research scientists are on hand to serve as pitmasters and interpret the data, including showing folks what eating BBQ does to the brain.


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