Luna Bars Soar, Thanks to Paid Social Advertising and Community Outreach


Although Luna nutrition bars were considered trailblazers when they first debuted, the women-oriented brand was a self-admitted laggard when it came to social media marketing. That all changed when Melissa Paulo joined California-based Clif Bar in 2011.

When she first signed on as social media manager, the company’s entire promotional efforts focused around “field marketing” its organic health bars and other products at events and through in-store sampling. Competitors were becoming more established through their use of social media.

With the help of a social media optimization agency Accomplice, Paulo has more than made up for lost time. In fact, once Luna started investing in social media advertising, it gained over 50,000 Twitter fans.

“These days you’ll never grow on social channels if you don’t invest in promoted ads,” Paulo told brandchannel. [more]

Accomplice is making sure Luna optimizes its digital ad spend by helping it target three audiences: Women’s Health readers who shop at Whole Foods Market; pregnant women and young mothers; and active-athletes types.

Recent promotions included a Pinterest contest that targeted women who were fans of both Luna and of apparel brand Athleta using paid ads on Twitter.

“When I first started, we were nervous about anything we put on Facebook because we knew all our fans were going to see it,” Paulo said. “Now only 2 percent of our fan base will see anything in our newsfeed on Facebook.”

As part of its community outreach, Luna created Lunafest, a national traveling festival of short films by, about and for women. In also sponsors Team Luna Chix, a professional female bike-racing team.

“If it’s a new product launch or a new director of a Luna-backed film, we want to make sure we support it so fans see it.”