Converse “Made By You” Campaign Inspired by Fans


Converse is leveraging fan word-of-mouth to amplify the brand in its latest global campaign, “Made By You,” in which fans’ personalities are infused in the products.

Once Converse noticed its Chuck Taylor All Star fans sharing thousands of photos each day, reports The Drum, it set out to craft the campaign featuring customization and visual storytelling.

Speaking at Microsoft’s Advertising Week Europe panel yesterday, Chris Marsh, social media manager at Converse, described the campaign’s vision. “We’re arguably the most iconic footwear of all time. One of the great things about our product is that it’s one of the only few in the world that when you take it out of the box it actually gets better.”

Fans showcase their individuality through their shoes, which are a blank canvas for self-expression. With the user-generated content component, Converse has the perfect recipe to sell its sneakers to today’s Millennial shoppers in the US and beyond, thanks to social media.

“When social is used in ways where you listen to fans and give them a voice, then it allows them to do the talking for you,” said Marsh. “Chuck Hacks” is an online destination the brand launched in 2013 for just that purpose.

The design of the Chuck Taylor All-Star, with its Star Insignia, has remained the same, and the “Made by You” campaign coincides with the 100th annniversary of the Chuck Taylors-—the brand’s most conterfeited design. More than 1 billion pairs have been sold, and Converse posted $434 million in revenue last quarter, a 21 percent increase from the same period a year earlier.

Named for a basketball player turned shoe salesman, Chuck Taylors have been famously worn by Elvis Presley, Patti Smith, Andy Warhol and Dennis the Menace. Wilt Chamberlain scored 100 points in a pair in 1962.

Converse sells its footwear in more than 160 countries and through about 75 company-owned retail stores nationwide. Art installations supporting the new campaign are located in New York, London and Shanghai, where people can see limited-edition custom Chuck Taylors in virtual reality, as well as online.