Canada Would Like to See More American Faces—and Dollars



Canada may be the closest foreign soil for many Americans, but that hasn’t led to much actual cash crossing the border. Americans actually spend the least of all foreign visitors to Canada, according to a 2012 report from that country—a report that was partially responsible for the nation cutting off all its marketing efforts to American citizens at the time

Now the Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC)  is ready to give it another try, hoping the falling Canadian dollar will entice Americans to come take a look. Last year saw a 3 percent increase of Americans wandering over the northern border, about 100,000 people, according to The Drum.

“All the markets where the CTC is investing, there’s a growth of 11 percent,” said Maxime Bernier, the country’s minister of state for small business and tourism, according to The Canadian Press. “So it is why we want the CTC to reinvest in the U.S. market, because there’s a big potential there for the tourism industry.”

Bernier is hoping more tourists will equate to more funding for the CTC in the next federal budget. Tourism to Canada from the US diminished after 9/11, and the CTC directed more funds toward  markets such as India, China, Brazil, Mexico and Western Europe. Now it turns back to America with about 10 percent of its $57 million budget allocated toward luring U.S. citizens over the border. The actual number should double when private donations and funding from other sources is counted up as well.

“The American traveller, when they come and enjoy Canada, tends to develop a pattern of repeat business,” said CTC president David Goldstein, according to The Canadian Press. “So you can’t just look at what they’d spend on one vacation, but over a series.