Mad Men Returns With Trippy Nods to (and By) Brands



Mad Men‘s final season kicked off Sunday night with timely nods by brands and nods to brands within the episode.

And given the timing of the episode, which was titled “Severance” and set in April 1970, the psychedelic era inspired brands including Clorox and Adobe to get with the times:

While commercial-free for the first 20 minutes, the commercial breaks that followed during the season premiere included Delta, Adobe (promoting Photoshop), Apple Watch (teasing its looming retail debut), a new Nike Golf ad (featuring Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy) and the Jon Hamm-narrated Super Bowl spot for Mercedes-Benz:

Naturally, there were brands and ads throughout the episode:

Some other product placements in tonight’s episode, courtesy of former New York Times ‘ad man’ Stuart Elliott:

And a tip o’ the fedora to McCann for a well-played meta-commentary on Twitter during the episode: