Nike Pushes Women to Be #BetterForIt


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Nike wants female athletes of all stripes to get their game on. The company is investing heavily in its largest outreach to female consumers, the “Better For It” ad campaign that focuses on women pushing past those moments when they tell themselves they can’t do something.

“Don’t let you stop you,” says the initial spot, which ran during the MTV Movie Awards Sunday night. “If you’ve got the drive to get better, Nike Women has the tools and gear to help you do it.”

Adweek suggests that Nike may be positioning this campaign “as the less aggressive (but maybe equally motivating) alternative to ‘Just do it.’”

In addition to the ad campaign, Nike has created the “N+TC 90-Day Better For It Challenge,” which helps athletes become more fit and build up strength and endurance through an app. It features US soccer stars Christen Press, Ali Krieger and Carli Lloyd as the frontwomen for the challenge.

According to Shape, each of the athletes has a separate 90-day challenge that will be in the Nike+ Training Club app. Press’ program started in early April, and the other two will launch in May and June.

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Nike is also pushing the #betterforit hashtag, of course. The brand claims it’s “more than just a hashtag.” It’s “a call to action to share, promote and embrace women’s fitness and sports,” according to the press release. Not to mention a call to preferably do those things while wearing Nike duds.

Nike has been trying to get more of the women’s athletic market for years. In the ’90s, when ad agency partner Wieden+Kennedy was trying to figure out Nike’s angle reach the women’s market, receptionist Janet Champ asked if she could submit ideas. That work with the creative team not only served a turning point for Nike’s women but for Champ as well, who could have served as the inspiration for the Peggy Olson character on AMC’s Mad Men, the Oregonian opines.

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