NBC Casts Honda Cars in SNL’s “Saturday Night Line” Video Series



Honda has created a marketing and branded entertainment opportunity from the long line of people waiting every weekend at New York’s Rockefeller Center for tickets for NBC’s Saturday Night Live.

Specifically, Honda and NBCUniversal have partnered to bring impromptu merriment to the folks waiting in the ticket line—and post their shenanigans online in over a dozen episodes of what Honda calls (what else?) Saturday Night Line.

Honda CR-V and the all-new Honda HR-V crossover are featured in sketches and interviews. In one four-minute episode, for instance, a millennial host repeatedly says “like” questions people about their hopes for scoring tickets for the show.

And unbeknownst to her interview subjects, she has accepted a concurrent challenge from series host Michael Antonucci, former Upright Citizens Brigade member: use car-related words and puns based on automotive terms, as much as possible, such as “tired” and “exhausted,” as she conducts the interviews.

Other episodes feature dream road trips, “The Rock” trivia, asking SNL cast members questions and singing “car-ioke” (groan) inside a Honda.

While they might not reach the hilarity level of an actual episode of Saturday Night Live, you’ve got to give Honda credit for trying.

The automaker also is paying to feature the episodes on NBC.com each Saturday night as a prelude to the streaming of each live episode of SNL, while the episodes are available through a variety of digital platforms including Hulu (SNL’s longtime web video partner) and video-on-demand.