EKOCYCLE, will.i.am and Coke in Bed with W Hotels


EKOCYCLE at W Hotels

W Hotels Worldwide is getting into bed with music artist and entrepreneur will.i.am and Coca-Cola to bring the EKOCYCLE brand to its hotels, retreats and W-branded residences worldwide.

The Starwood-owned W Hotels brand in North America will soon be making up their guest beds with EKOCYCLE-branded sheets, made in part with rPET (polyester partially made using recycled plastic). Each king-size sheet set uses about 31 recycled 20 oz. plastic bottles, which equates to more than 268,000 plastic bottles across all W Hotel beds in North America, according to a press release.

In addition, every new nightstand is now a multitasking USB charging device that also holds jewelry and wakes you up. Developed by Miniwiz, a Taipei-based engineering firm focused on post-consumer recycled material design applications, each unit uses three recycled plastic bottles and comes in six colors.

Charger valet

“W guests want to live a stylish, more sustainable lifestyle and this partnership is a way to allow them to do so when they are on the road,” said Sarah Doyle, Global Brand Director of W Hotels Worldwide. “Working with will.i.am and Coca-Cola’s EKOCYCLE brand allows us to change our sheets, reset our alarm clocks and pledge to make a difference one W Hotel stay at a time.”

The inspiration for the EKOCYCLE brand is “waste is only waste if we waste it.” Its mission, according to its website, is to work with the biggest brands to help consumers recognize that items they consider waste today can live on as brand new lifestyle products they can use tomorrow.

will.i.am founded the company with Coca-Cola in 2012 for the London 2012 Olympic Games. To reinforce Coca-Cola’s commitment to recycling, the Coke brand name spelled backwards—EKOC—is embedded into the EKOCYCLE moniker.

The Regeneration

“I am very excited to bring the EKOCYCLE™ movement to W Hotel guests around the world,” said will.i.am. “When it comes to finding partners for the EKOCYCLE™ initiative, Coca-Cola and I want to work with those who understand our message: that being more sustainable can be stylish. The new EKOCYCLE™ sheets and chargers that will now be at W are further proof that we can transform so much of the way we live through more sustainable, recycled materials.”

will.i.am on bed

Bea Perez, VP and Chief Sustainability Officer for Coca-Cola, added: “The EKOCYCLE brand mission is to excite and inspire people around the idea that waste can be valuable and create new, desirable products. Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide has been a likeminded innovator of sustainable solutions and longtime partner of Coca-Cola.”

EKOCYCLE will.i.am W Hotels

“This sounds a little kooky at first, but it’s actually quite sensible,” commented Eric Goldstein, an environmental director at the Natural Resources Defense Council, about the partnership to the New York Daily News. “By making plastic from plastic we use less energy, less water and create less air pollution than making plastic from oil or gas.”

Meanwhile, in Taipei, EKOCYCLE has tapped Tern Bicycles to produce two limited-edition folding bikes, available at Harrods UK stores as part of a broader offering of 150 EKOCYCLE lifestyle products. The bikes retail for $1,395 and $3,765.

Tern bikes

The Tern bikes have hydroformed frames made of aluminum containing a minimum of 10 percent recycled content, according to Bicycle Retailer. Other components contain recycled materials, including rims made in a solar-powered factory. The limited edition bikes have dynamo-powered lights, reducing the need for batteries.


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