Trademark Watch: dotSucks, Twitter, Moët Hennessy and More


Delice bottles

Double Delice: Moët Hennessy was slapped with a lawsuit from Joseph Phelps Vineyards, claiming Moët’s recent launch of Delice is confusingly similar to their Delice wine brand. JPV has been using the name since 1987, and is accusing Moët of being malicious.

dotSUCKS Redux: After a contentious two weeks in which companies reluctantly signed up for their brands’ dotSUCKS domain names amidst ICANN protests, the CEO of Canada’s Vox Populi—the firm behind the controversial generic top-level domain is speaking out. “From the beginning I have said there is no need (it is certainly not mandatory) for a company to register its dotSucks domain. Just be willing to engage,” said John Berard, as reported in DLA Piper’s RE:MARKS blog.

Tweet Me Nice: Twitter’s legal team is filing for a number of trademark applications including the word “tweetstorm,” a term by famed tech investor Marc Andreessen.

Live Long and Prosper: Billionaire businessman Paul Allen is protecting his “Vulcan” trademark, challenging the name of a new rocket that also happens to be the name of his Vulcan empire.


Coca-Cola Wins Again: Blue springs Water Co. is convinced that Coke infringed on its trademark for “Naturally Zero.” But the US Seventh Circuit said no, the phrase is not protectable.

Coke Zero

Eau de Fracking: Flotek’s fracking products smell like a glass of orange juice, and the company is trying to trademark the scent.

Eagle Uproar: Duluth Trading has apologized to musician Don Henley for its play on words, “Don a Henley and Take it easy,” in a recent ad campaign. The clothing brand has made an undisclosed contribution to a nonprofit founded by the former member of the Eagles.

Do Bigger Flakes Have More Taste? Frito-Lay has filed a new patent for an adhesive coating that will allow larger flakes to stick on snacks such as chips, pretzels, popcorn, and nuts.


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