Apple Watch Bows with Thousands of Apps Riding Its Coattails



Apple Watch Misfit appApple Watch is finally available for consumers to purchase from Apple Stores, but the massive crowds that have appeared for past Apple launches have pretty much stayed home. That is likely because people were able to start pre-ordering the watch online and at stores a few weeks back, and most who wanted to be part of launch frenzy have already done so.

While it isn’t clear exactly how many Apple Watches have been sold, FBR Capital Markets analyst Daniel Ives estimates that 20 million watches have been sold, according to Reuters. “There was a question over whether the trajectory and demand for wearables in the Apple ecosystem was there and real,” he told the wire service. “But it’s a resounding yes.”

The launch comes with three new ads from Apple, each emphasizing a different aspect—time, health and communication—that CEO Tim Cook highlighted when first announcing the product.

“Rise” focuses on the start of the day and all the way people can use the watch to help them with their time.

“Up” is all about using the Watch to help reach fitness goals.

“Us” features different ways people find to connect through technology.

Meanwhile, anyone who was concerned that there wouldn’t be enough apps built for the Apple Watch at launch can put their fears away—more than 3,000 apps have suddenly appeared on the scene.

The Wall Street Journal reports that while there are plenty of lame ones out there already, it only takes a few killer ones to help the product sell. The publication likes Transit (for all your transit-time needs), remote control Hue, Shazam, Evernote (for note-taking), Yelp, Mint (for budgeting) and MLB At Bat, among a few others.

Apple Watch Shazam app

News organizations such as The New York Times, The Washington Post and CNN have all released Apple Watch apps. The Times app will publish one-sentence stories while the Post will storyboard an existing article “like a movie or TV show, using a combination of graphics, images and text to adapt it” to the small screen, Recode reports. Meanwhile, CNN will let users personalize their newsfeeds on the watch.

Apple Watch CNN and Cufflink apps

The available apps will certainly accommodate a wide variety of interests, from messaging app Cufflink, fitness coach apps, an app from the New England Patriots focused on the NFL draft, a real estate app from Trulia, mobile banking apps from the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce and Bank of Nova Scotia, an app to help the Jewish community keep track of holidays and Shabbat start and end times, and another app that doesn’t just indicate how much illness there is in a particular area, but it also gauges the wearer’s chances of getting sick as well.

In addition, a pregnancy app for expecting millennial parents (steer clear, Gen Z!), a Valpak coupon app (useful if you blew all your money on the $17,000 version of the Watch), and an app that lets you DJ a party from your wrist (no more lugging around those awkward turntables). You can even pre-order and pick up a burrito from Chipotle, then connect with Uber to take you away from all the annoyed people in line you just breezed right by.

If all it takes is a few killer apps to succeed, it looks like the Apple Watch is well on its way.


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