Life-Proof Beauty: 5 Questions with Bobbi Brown’s Alexis Rodriguez


Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

Global beauty brand Bobbi Brown Cosmetics has launched #LONGWEARLIFEPROOF, a user-generated content campaign featuring some of the world’s top female extreme athletes to promote female empowerment and “life-proof” beauty.

“I have always loved and admired athletes, and I find these four women to be extraordinarily admirable and unique,” said Bobbi Brown, Makeup Artist, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of the Bobbi Brown Cosmetics brand, in a press release.

The campaign features four accomplished and GoPro-sponsored athletes: American World Cup alpine ski racer and Olympic Gold Medalist Julia Mancuso, halfpipe snowboarding Olympic gold and silver medalist and three-time Olympian Hannah Teter, World Surf League Longboard Champion and professional surfer Kelia Moniz, and world record base jumper Roberta Mancino.

“They are strong, determined, passionate and confident in who they are and what they do,” said Brown. “There is nothing more beautiful or inspiring. I’m honored they will get to share their beauty stories with our brand followers while also showing firsthand how our Long-Wear makeup can stand up to even the most extreme of lifestyles.” 

brandchannel spoke with Alexis Rodriguez, Executive Director, Global Communications North America for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, about the inspiration to focus on the world’s greatest female extreme athletes.

Bobbi Brown

brandchannel: What was the thinking behind the campaign featuring these four extreme athletes?

Alexis Rodriguez: Bobbi has always had an affinity for athletes. She sees them as the epitome of pretty powerful—strong, confident, beautiful from the inside out.

We chose these four amazing women because they were on Bobbi’s radar for a while and had a relationship with the brand prior to this campaign. These women love the products and have shared with us how exceptional our products perform for them, so our Long-Wear Eye Collection launch was the perfect opportunity to celebrate these women and their connection to our brand, while also tapping into a new audience.

bc: Do female pro athletes really hit the slopes/water/air in full make-up?

Rodriguez: We learned that a lot of them do, especially when competing—maybe not so much when training. I think people sometimes forget that female athletes are still very much in touch with their femininity. They want to look good and feel good, especially when all eyes are on them. Sometimes makeup can give them an extra boost of confidence.

bc: What kind of feedback are you getting about the campaign?

Rodriguez: The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. We are seeing new users come to the brand because of this campaign, and our loyal fans love the campaign because it celebrates Bobbi’s philosophy of “be who you are” beauty. We spotlighted some incredibly talented women who are true to themselves and push the limits. The campaign is both inspirational and aspirational, and more than anything, it is authentic because the women controlled the content. As a result, our fans seem excited and engaged.

bc: What changes have you seen in the past few years of women’s expectations about cosmetics and self-empowerment?

Rodriguez: Bobbi has known since the moment she launched her brand 25 years ago that beauty and confidence go hand in hand. Fashion and beauty brands just recently in the past seven years or so really started shouting about women’s empowerment and celebrating “real” beauty and “real” women.

Bobbi has done this since day one. She featured women who were not models as representatives of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics for years. So, I’m not sure much has changed. I think people are just far more aware of the connection between looking good and feeling confident.

At Bobbi, we call this Pretty Powerful—all women are pretty without makeup, but with makeup, they are empowered and feel their most confident.

bc: How would you define the Bobbi Brown brand yesterday, today and tomorrow?

Rodriguez: Classic.