AmFam Salutes Moms With ‘Because of Her I Can’ Mother’s Day Campaign


Real MVP American Family Insurance AmFam Because of Her I Can

American Family Insurance is celebrating Mother’s Day with a double nod to moms everywhere.

In a branded entertainment campaign that includes a web video series, AmFam today released the “Because of her I Can” documentary-style tribute to Wanda Pratt.

Real MVP American Family Insurance AmFam Kevin Durant mom Wanda Pratt

While she may not be a household name, her son Kevin Durant made her a star by naming her as the “Real MVP” in his memorable NBA Most Valuable Player award ceremony a year ago for the 2013-14 season.

His emotional speech praised Pratt for raising her sons to aim for the stars, and how she never let being a financially struggling single mother in a housing project impede their dreams.

The AmFam series can be viewed at the brand’s Dream Fearlessly website, part of its DreamBank platform to help families plan their dreams and financial futures.

The insurance brand also just released a 30-second TV commercial around a different sport. The new ad, below, visually captures how a skater’s dreams evolve from her early time on the ice to becoming a figure-skating champion to teaching her own daughter to skate:

Durant, by the way, who plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder, ceded his MVP title to Stephen Curry after he only played in 27 games this past season due to injuries, making him ineligible for the title. Many fans are rooting for his comeback, especially one named Wanda.


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